Carl Donnelly

"Gripping, unmissable stand-up" - The Guardian
"Excellent, fast-rising comic with pacy anecdotal routines" - The Sunday Times

Chris Martin

“Destined for Greatness” - The Sunday Times
“One of the Uk’s best young observationalists” - The Guardian


Introducing Carl & Chris...

Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin are both UK stand-up comedians who between them have won awards, appeared on television and generally been funny all over the globe.
In 2008 they started doing a podcast together; an edited 25 minutes of 'bite-size' comedy chit chat. It has now become between 1 and 2 hours of unedited nonsense due to public demand. This may also however have been because they are too lazy to edit it and like talking about world issues* for ages. Often they are joined by a guest to help bring joy into the hearts of you, the listener. 

Just to big up these two comedy juggernauts for a minute:

The podcast was listed in the Guardian's Top Ten Comedy Podcasts 2010.

Chris and Carl were described as...

“Two of the most deeply uninformed people I have ever heard (in a nice way).” 
Some person on iTunes

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…Keep it real guys.


*knobs and ice creams.